Hubby Review – Nirvana: Bleach

I fucking love Nirvana, I listen to them all the time, I play guitar and Kurt Cobain is one of my biggest influences both as an artist and as a person, he was arguably the coolest frontman in rock since Jim Morrison. In Utero is one of my favorite albums of all time and they have a shit ton of songs that I adore and listen to constantly. I love Kurt’s ability to make punk music and yet make it extremely catchy and accessible, let’s just say there’s a reason they got so big. Yet, that wasn’t always the case, and that brings me to the subject of this review. Their first album Bleach, released in 1989 by Sub Pop Records. Bleach has always personally fascinated me because it’s a look at Nirvana before they blew up and changed rock music, it’s a look at Nirvanabefore “Smells Like Teen Spirit” came along and changed everything.

One thing I love about Bleach is how it sounds production-wise, the whole album has this very raw, gritty, sound to it and it makes the album sound very badass and fun to listen to. Kurt’s guitar sounds very crunchy and intense, and Krist’s bass sounds very booming and heavy. One thing that is unique about Bleach compared to Nevermind and In Utero is that Dave Grohl is not in the band yet, so the drums are played by a man named Chad Channing, he’s not as good of a drummer as Dave, but he’s pretty good in his own right, he stays on rhythm and has some pretty good fills that serve the songs very well. This album definitely has the most “grungy” sound out of the three records and I like that, it gives the album an inherently different feel from the other two classics.

Bleach has a lot of really interesting songs on it, each of these songs has really creative riffs and vocals. The album opens up with “Blew,” and it sets the tone for the rest of the album to come, it’s a very bleak song and it’s also extremely heavy, partially because Kurt and Krist both tuned their instruments down without realizing they had already done so, so the song ended up being in drop C tuning, adding to the heaviness of it. The album continues with “Floyd the Barber,” a song that deals with rape, a subject they would later explore on “Polly,” off of Nevermind, and “Rape Me,” off of In Utero. “Floyd the Barber” has a very cool sounding melody and interesting lyrics, Kurt said that he didn’t give a shit about the lyrics when writing this album but despite that, I still think he was able to convey great meaning in many songs off of this album.


The third song “About a Girl,” is the most famous song on the album, mainly because it’s the song they opened their famous MTV Unplugged concert with, and it’s a fantastic song, inspired by Kurt’s girlfriend at the time, Tracy Marander, asking him why he never wrote a song for her. The song is very Beatles-esque and it’s definitely the poppiest song on the album, and personally, as a guitar player, the song is really fun to play. As much as I love the song, I think I like the MTV Unplugged version better, although that’s probably just because I’m more familiar with it. The fourth song “School,” is also phenomenal, containing a very memorable guitar riff, and it’s another example of Kurt being able to convey great meaning and relatability with not very many words, there’s only 15 in the whole song. The album continues with “Love Buzz,” which is a cover of a song by a Dutch rock band Shocking Blue, it’s decent but it’s not one of my favorites on the album, It’s a pretty good cover, there are better songs on the album but if it came on on shuffle, I wouldn’t skip it

However, “Paper Cuts,” is a massive improvement, it’s one of the most intense songs on the album and one of the heaviest lyrically, dealing with child abuse. The next song “Negative Creep” is my favorite on the album, I fucking love this song. The riff it’s built around is so fucking badass and fun to play, and Kurt’s vocals are fucking mind blowing, his voice on the song is so deep to the point where it almost doesn’t sound like him. It’s one of my favorite Nirvana songs and I highly recommend giving it a listen, it’s debatably the closest they ever got to heavy metal, and Kurt’s screams on it are incredible. “Scoff” is also very good, I like Kurt’s vocals on it a lot, I really like the drumming, and the lyrics continue the themes of child negligence from “Paper Cuts.”

“Swap Meat” is one of the weaker songs on the album, it’s not bad necessarily but when compared to songs like “School” or “Negative Creep,” it just falls a little short. “Mr. Moustache” is a little better, it has a very nice melody and I like the lyrics which are basically about Kurt’s hatred for racist, macho, rednecks. The final song “Sifting” is my least favorite on the album, again, it’s not bad by any means, it’s just not very memorable and a little too long. You have to take into account that Nevermind ended with “Something in the Way” and In Utero ended with “All Apologies” which are two all-time classics, “Sifting” just doesn’t compare to those two masterpieces.

I really like Bleach but I’m not sure how I’d rank it compared to Nevermind or In Utero, I know that In Utero is my favorite of the three but I’m not sure if I like Bleach or Nevermind more. I like the production on Bleach more but many of the songs on Nevermind are just so memorable and cool. Bleach has the advantage of not being as overexposed though, there’s nothing on this album that gets played all the time like “Come As You Are” or “Heart-Shaped Box.” So in that regard, Bleach can be the most interesting one to listen to and I think I would probably choose it over Nevermind overall, even though Nevermind is probably better on a song by song basis.

Bleach is fascinating since it captures not only Nirvana before they got big with “Smells Like Teen Spirit” but because it also captures the late 80’s Seattle grunge scene in general. It’s a nice early look into the direction that popular rock music was going to go before it happened, during an era where hair metal was all that was played on the radio, before people realized that you don’t need to have a dress or a shit ton of makeup to make it in the music industry, and I think that makes the album kinda special in a way. Overall, check it out.

(Opinion Piece) The Consequences of COVID

I fear that we are becoming a faceless society. For safety reasons we need to be that in the public, I’m well aware of some concerns others have. I could offer a political dissertation on this but that is not the reason for the opinion piece. My concern is that we are losing our humanity!

If we abide by the request of health and Government officials we are wearing masks and socially distancing best as we can. Some masks I have found to be borderline offensive but to each their own. As long it the mask does not promote a degenerate aspect of society, racism;bigotry, hate, supremacy…. I do not care what the mask is like.

But think for a minute what we lose by doing this,

We miss the smiles of others that once warmed our hearts.
The dimples, the freckles, the frowns (and lines for those old as I am!) -and smirks that make other personalities unique to them! We do not see the smile, or the hurt, behind the mask any more than we can see the hurt behind the smile of a clown at a circus!

We no longer SEE the word as it leaves the lips of a person! How cruel is that? Now please think of that for a second as the same word can be said many ways! That is the same word, as it forms on our lips is different.

We never communicated via signs with ears so all that is left is eyes. Now I will be the first to say they are the window to the soul and possibly the feature we are MOST drawn to FIRST in another! Why? We want to see the purity of their soul. A tainted soul? No one wants that person.

And yet the eyes only work in conjunction with the rest of the face. A face that is now hidden for precautionary reasons.

Just think for a moment how disheartening this is.

The man at the gas station whose always had a nice smile for you ? Gone
The women at the pharmacy whose face lit up when she saw you ? Gone.
Timmy, the 13 year old that lives across the street and who has the sweetest dimples? Gone
The grocery store workers you have grown accustomed to over the years? They are faceless like everyone else. like you!

We have lost….our humanity. What makes us human to another.

Still not convinced. Still just think this is no more than the mad ramblings of an old women half off her rocker who forget her last medication? Then consider this:

Not only are we becoming faceless humans but we have also lost the healing powers of touch!

Touch is possibly the most powerful healing deice we can offer another. It is a gift we not cannot give.

As we follow social distancing guidelines we find that we can no longer shake hands.

Offer pats on the back for a compliment or as encouragement.

We can no longer HUG another!!! REALLY HUG ANOTHER!!!. This sweet intimacy once shared by friends can no longer be had. This is leading to people who are not emotionally drained with no recourse!

The check to cheek air kisses between women-and even among men–gone with the COVID.

The closeness of putting a hand on a shoulder that said “I understand your pain and I’m here for you. I want to help”


So are the shoulders we once had to cry on! And we have all done that at one time or another,

I submit to you, dear reader, that we ARE slowly losing our humanity. That which makes us real, unique,special, and perhaps VITAL to others. I find this the most tragic effect of COVID so far!

And I know with certainty that there are many who are one emotional fall away from ending it all…….I do not speak of me but of others far worst off than me or perhaps you. They seek reaffirming faces and see only masks. They look for smiles–there aren’t any.

They look for that ONE person they can reach out to and whose touch who may ease their pain-if only temporally.

That person…….that touch…..

……never comes. It can;t!

We are the victims of something we cannot control’ and that we could never imagine. COVID is the albatross and we are but ancient mariners of life.

And I fear that if this continues….

….we are headed down a destructive path for humankind.

Alexis Zinovenko 8/7/2020 Reprinted for private use and any copying without my approval is not permitted.

Pride of Somerset County


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Hubby Review – The Shaggs: Philosophy of the World

One day a long, long, long time ago, a young boy received a palm reading from his mother. His mother gave him 3 predictions, that he would marry a strawberry blonde woman, he would have 2 daughters after she died, and that his daughters would form a successful band. This little event would end up being the catalyst that would lead to one of the most infamous and notoriously shitty albums of all time. “Philosophy of the World” by the Shaggs.

The Shaggs, The Best (Or Worst) Band Of All Time, IS Back : The ...The Shaggs were composed of three sisters, Dorothy Wiggin played lead guitar, sang, and wrote all of the songs on the album. Betty Wiggin played rhythm guitar and sang, and Helen Wiggin played drums. There is no bass on the record outside of the song “That Little Sports Car,” where it is played by their other sister, Rachel Wiggin. The main reason this album is so infamous is due to how fucking incompetent these 4 girls are at both playing their instruments and staying in tune with each other. Helen’s drumming wouldn’t be too bad on it’s own but she is rarely ever in sync with the other 2 members. Dorothy and Betty do an okay job at harmonizing but their actual singing is horrible and gives the album a very creepy vibe. On top of that, their guitar playing is ass, their guitars are always out of tune, and is just painful to the ear.

Lyrically, the album is extremely childish, normally, this would be a problem, however, in this album’s case, I kinda like it since it gives the album a bit of charm. I think it’s cool that there’s a band that isn’t trying to be deep or change the world with their lyrics even if the result includes shit like “It’s Halloween” with lovely lyrics like “The ghosts will spook, the spooks will scare, why, even Dracula will be there.” There’s one song on the album called “Who Are Parents?” which is about how parents are great and how children need to obey them, which is extremely ironic considering the band’s origins. The album also ends with a Christian song called “We Have a Savior,” where they sing about how we need to give our lives to God to stop all the evil in the world. The most well-known song on the album is “My Pal Foot Foot,” which is fitting because it does the best job of showing off every problem with the album, however, it is also the most interesting song on the album. All three sisters sound like they’re not even playing the same song and the vocals are creepy as fuck, it would not be out of place in a horror movie.

This album is objectively fucking shit, however, it is also one of the most fascinating and interesting albums I’ve ever listened to and I actually kinda enjoyed it, and I found it growing on me more and more over time. There’s a certain appeal to it despite how shitty it is. It’s really fun to listen to and I can see how some people would love this album. The people who love this album adore it, Frank Zappa loved it and called it one of his favorite albums, Kurt Cobain put it at number 5 on his list of his 50 favorite albums. I can see why even though the album can be a little hard to listen to at times. The Shaggs would later go on to reform after they developed a cult following, and they have performed songs from this album, and they performed them exactly how they’re played on the album. I fucking love the idea that they had to convert the songs on this album to sheet music. I would consider this album an essential listen for anyone, just to see what not to do when forming a band, or to see just how interesting this piece of work really is. I’ve never heard an album that was this interestingly bad and I think that has to be worth something.

So. Zetta. Slow.

The game came out in 2009. It is  one of the most iconic and cult classic games of the DS era. One that we believed there would be a sequel to by 2012-2013. It never came.

But we get this. I’m psyched!! I loved that world -and the concept. reading the minds of others was also cool!  I need my Shiki fix!!

So @matastig Since Singularity , also one the best cult classic’s of all time –and on the PS3 , came out the SAME year wonder if we will see that as an anime as well.??

No-no iNFamous. That was NOT a cult classic and besides that had comic books.

Now Folklore–2008(?) WAS a cult classic and that would be cool as hell to see ina an anime!


I never had a father. At least not one that I knew. I was taken from him at age 3 (1960 for those that are curious) I saw him next in 1971, a year before he died of Liver cancer. My mother never remarried so I was left with no male influence in my life. My uncles, except for one, had much to be desired! Some were just hateful to me. That uncle ALSO died the same year, in 1972.

There is no one TO miss or lament. He never came to SEE me as he knew he would NOT BE WELCOME in my grandmother’s house!

I was never my Mother’s daughter of Daddy’s little Girl, I am me and the “me” that I am is 180 degrees form what my mother is.

I always rather detested Father’s Day as it is no more than an afterthought to Mother’s Day. Father’s are NOT seen as important. Not like Mother’s as Father’s are not life bringers! We are a society that places a homoured emphasis on the role of “Mother’s and “”motherhood” . The role of “Father” is not held in the same esteem.

Father’s Day became an OFFICIAL holiday in the US in 1972. That was decreed by President Nixon. (Have you noticed how this discourse seems to revolve around 1972??)

58 years AFTER Mother s Day had been an official holiday in the US. A holiday that was decreed by Pres. Woodrow Wilson. The celebration of Fatherhood was and remains an afterthought. Somehow suggesting that it was an “oversight” rings hollow.

Ladies and Gentleman this is well over half a century! I grew up asking on more than one occasion “why Father’s weren’t celebrated?”

I am not trying to damper your celebration or remembrance of your Father. Far form it as I get no joy in bringing others down. I’m sure you have cherished memories and wish to make more, if possible. However many have grown up Motherless–or Fatherless. Theirs is a far lonelier existence. A part of them will always be incomplete!

And to them this is just another day!

Could you kill me… Please?

humanity (20)
Nier has it’s own “thing” where some little overlooked portions in some random side quest could mess you up (on an emotional level) Like this part ….

ResistenceYokel :Now then… Which one should I choose next?

MachineNice1: Stop it… Please! Stop it!

ResistenceYokel: Ha ha! Stupid machines. Look at ‘em quaking in their boots or… whatever they have. I love it!
ResistenceYokel: I’m thinking of taking a few of these guys and dunking ‘em in water. Might be fun to watch the sparks fly. A little light-show might be just what the mechanic ordered… Well? You up for it?
2B: Pass!
Back Room (Torture Prison)
humaaaanity (26)

MachineNice1: I’m just a feeble machine, and there’s no way out of this hell for me. So would you mind killing me, please? My family is gone, and I have nothing left of value. I’m tired of having to live through the same nightmare every day ….

MachineNice1: I know this might not sit very well with you… But… could you kill me… Please?

Gaming Journal 6/16/2020

Well, time certainly got away from me this past month and a half. I can certainly say the world has been busy and I have been as well, but I miss writing….and gaming for that matter. My girlfriend celebrated her 30th bday, which was a good time, but everything else is kinda just meh.

Anyways, let’s talk about some games! I haven’t beaten a game since writing my last post and I really haven’t played much since then either, but me and a couple buddies have been playing some Apex to pass the time and I feel like a fool when it comes to this game so I figured I would share one of my biggest gaming blunders of all time.

We all know that Apex is a mix of PUBG and Overwatch. A battle royale where last team standing wins, but the twist for Apex is each character has special abilities. I am not a fan of battle royale even though I have played my fair share. I hopped on the PUBG bandwagon for a month or so. I played Black Ops 4 Blackout mode, and I even played Fortnite (literally once, for about 2 hours). Even when Warzone came out for the new CoD game I was less than thrilled, but I played with friends anyways. Apex, however, was the one BR that I actually wanted to play even though I seemed to be the worst at it.

So why Apex? Well it is simple really. Apex feels like a GAME. PUBG and CoD both have the exact same style and feel as each other and they go for realism. I’m simply not looking for this from BR games. I still enjoy TDM from CoD, but I think that was CoD’s peak and it simply falls from grace with the BR modes. You could certainly argue that Fortnite does it differently (it certainly doesn’t go for realism) with it’s building mechanics, but in a gunfight I find those mechanics to be more of a nuisance than a cool feature.

Apex, however, feels like a great compromise. It still has gimmicks, but they feel like they are a strategic part of the gameplay. It also doesn’t have the realistic feel of CoD or PUBG which I like because I can actually see the enemies far more easily in this game because character models stand out better against their environment. Of course I have already stated that I was probably the worst at this game, so why would that be when it is the one I enjoyed the most?

Well as I said, this would be a story about a great blunder, so here it is.

I rarely mess around with game settings when I play a new game. Unless something is inverted or just feels absolutely wrong for what I would expect it to be, I typically leave the controls alone and Apex is no different. After getting somewhat into the game when it launched I always felt like I was being completely carried by my two teammates, whoever they happened to be. I just assumed I was bad at the game. It has been about a year since I had first gotten into the game.

Now a new map has been added and some new characters so some buddies wanted to try and play again, so back I went to feeling like a team burden…until I looked at the control settings and I couldn’t believe what I discovered. My look speed and Aim Down Sites speed were both at the absolute lowest setting possible. They were not even set to the defaults! I couldn’t believe it. I felt like a moron for apparently never looking at that setting before. Either I mistakenly changed those settings when the game had come out or somehow those settings were set as the default, either way I felt like an idiot. I changed both back to the game recommended default settings and I can tell you…GAME CHANGER.

Not only do I enjoy the game more, but I’m actually not half bad! It’s amazing how a simple tweak can make or break a game like that. I even wonder if there are any games I didn’t care for in the past or that I thought I wasn’t particularly good at that I could have simply made a few control tweaks to and ended up liking them.