Legends of the Cloven Isles: Wizards


    Wizards were considered another race of human back in the 15th’s reign, but this was disregarded after the Gilliard War. Before the belief was that they didn’t seem to have emotion and carried a duty for themselves to survive in the Corporeal Plane. This war has shown them as more than human, more so an enhanced human that feels far more than the natural human. They are able to see far beyond the Corporeal Plane as they are able to see past even the Quantum Realm without any magic, but this ability may differ to each Wizard. 

    Their blood and genetics have some sort of play into their magic, which can explain the appearance of Blood Magic. A certain gene known as Plane Walker’s Blood gives the ability to create spells without tomes or runes. They can simply display any kind of magic through their fingertips, ranging from the abilities like fireballs, cast abilities and even extracting energy in the air to create lightning. The strength of the spell, however, is determined by the purity of the gene connected to Plane Walker’s Blood. We’ve seen those with a 20% and below are able to cast anything they’d like with moderate training required to harness its full potential while those above 30% purity may need some rigorous discipline training to contain their powers and abilities. Some Wizards may be too weak to contain their powers, throwing fireballs left and right and internally exploding those nearby, need runes to contain it. Wards may help for a small period of time, but some Wards may break to the shear power alone. 

    Sadly some births can result in instant death of the mother or complete miscarriage. Some infants have been conceived like jelly or a pile of meat. We’ve researched as much as we could to counter this horrible event, but we could not find any way to stop it completely. We’ve used runes, tomes, wards and nothing worked. It was all but temporary. And we’d rather not witness another infant turn itself inside out in our hands again. We’ve closed all research regarding this problem, all who are researching it are doing so unfunded. 

    There are such Wizards who go beyond their powers, becoming something else entirely. Dreadnaughts are those who train extensively in the art of Necromancy, an illegal magic here in the English Empire. Dreadnaughts are humans who’ve trained for their entire lives to resurrect themselves, causing them to do a difficult ritual that has them experience death and catch their soul in a blessed container. This is usually failed by most who attempt to, but their existence is still present. After they become a Dreadnaught, they hunt children down and use them as a new vessel, possessing them and containing their youth for eternal life. This way of immortality can be difficult due to their decaying look, causing this to be the worst way to experience death. Decaying to the point of turning to dust, feeling every single second of this event. 

    There are Archviles who can contain their mortality with the works of Illusion Magic, shaping the mind into something far more than we can imagine. They allow full life to themselves as they are able to resurrect the dead without any proper necromancy required. Although, this sounds promising, each pain they feel and all their lost limbs cause them to be more mentally fragile. A single tantrum, the slightest bit of sadness, the very feeling of emotions can cause them to break. They are never sane, and usually become lost like those in the woods, but with powerful magic. 

    There is Blood Magic to be involved, but it requires you to become almost like a vampire. You require the blood of others to regain health and sometimes your youth. This requires the death of the participant in this Blood Magic, which may explain the introverted society they inhabit. They are like hermits that grab and kill each other unless they have some sort of blood barrier protecting them at night. 

    The Organization used to label these people Creatures due to their emotionless stare and their distaste to regular human society. It wasn’t until after the Gilligan War with the English Empire and the Wizard Cult. We met with them during the Convention of Owls to discuss the use of magic in war and our societies. We’ve seen Warlocks talk about their troops with complete concern for their well being after the war, leaders knowing if their people, citizens of the empire, will continue as citizens regardless of their actions. We saw humanity in an otherwise blank face. Because of this event, we’ve placed them in the Human category.


    Please consult the Organization for this kind of information and further explanation of their legends and culture. 

A classy robbery


They stole a vintage Ford Mustang, then they smashed into the glass facade of the electronics store and they stole three Playstation consoles…before the alarm started to sound. The irony is that the car that they used to break into is very expensive, and the robbers just took three consoles. Crazy. (And stupid)


I don’t know. I thought it’d be nice to make one of these since I’ve been silent for a long while with my posts. I am working on stuff, it’s just that I’ve been really behind on things. You know, getting new games and then putting my other game aside. Making a review, then playing another game to review on. I have about four reviews I plan on making since I’ve finished Prey 2017 and got Battlefront 2. They both have stuff wrong with them, but at this point I think there is too much on the table in these games to get through all of it. The Doom Review is almost done… Well, Almost done being that I finished talking about the campaign and now into the other things, so it might take until next month maybe…

That Hunt: Showdown game I promised to make a review of I might not do after all since when I got the free weekend, it wasn’t out of Early Access. Now it’s officially released and has gotten a good following. I don’t have the game and there is so much that has changed from when I played it to now. I still suggest the game since it’s a better Battle Royale that doesn’t focus on player interaction than the actual bounty hunting you do. There is lore I love in the game that I want to keep exploring, and the premise is amazing with 1890’s setting that has mystical thing happen in farms and ranches and you have to stop it all as eleven other bounty hunters are killing each other to do it first. Good game and is now released. Mini-Review there.

And then there’s some other things I promised like my Buddy Bot Series… Yeah, that first episode or chapter or whatever you want to call it, is going to pushed under the rug. I will be working on it, but it won’t ever see the light of day known as the public eye. Along with my other things. The Legends of the Cloven Isles is fun and that came as promised… I just haven’t been putting at it as I used to. I have been making some ideas, but I haven’t done much more than playing with it. I don’t wanna stop doing that and the whole Story of Jeramy is going to be attached to it. Sloppier entries will come out as proof of certain already discussed beasts. That and the story itself will be worked on, I’m almost finished with it, but that usually means that it’ll come out in the next few months And there’s my Beginner’s Guide to Team Fortress entry doing the next three classes… Yeah… That’s hard as fuck…

The offense classes are easy to pin down since a lot of their playstyles are straight forward. The defense classes are everywhere. It’s hard to tell whether or not they’re good for beginners or not or if they’re even good in the first place. Just… Bare with me… If you guys really want that… I don’t know the demand is here for some TF2 crap… Anyways, it will take a lot of time for me to determine the classes’ weapons and their uses for beginners. Heavy will be easy since he doesn’t have much to change his line up.

And there’s that out-of-nowhere thing I posted for fun about the Knight. Yeah, that’s another thing I have I usually put under the rug. I wanted to see how people reacted to that. Some “good” reception. Nothing too amazing, just some likes and nothing more. It’s for a game idea I have called The School of Anubis. It’s a TF2 inspired game idea with classes fighting in tournaments made by secret schools that train bounty hunters, mercenaries and hitmen for governments and organizations to use or help train their own troops. The tournies are just for ranking purposes where the top school becomes the most desired by most countries. I don’t know if I’ll continue it, though. I might, but I don’t know… Maybe…

I’m just posting this because I feel like I went off track again. I mean, I haven’t posted anything in so long! I want to be able to tell my friends that I will post things… Just not now. And now I don’t know how to end this… Ugh…

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Too good not to post…

…and also…sorry for my absence. It’s been a long few weeks and I’m desperate for a break from school, but I haven’t had any time off from classes since winter break last year and it’s killing me. Anyways, wanted to share this post from the mind of Miyazaki. Thought it was amazing.