Ronald Wayne was one of the co-founders of Apple who sold his 10% stake for $800 because he thought that the company would fail. Today, a 10% stake in Apple would be worth more than $95 billion.

Owning 10% stake of Apple right now would make you a billionaire. However, one man knows that all too well after letting the opportunity slip away from his hands for as little as $800. Ronald Wayne was one of the co-founders of Apple who provided the company with “adult supervision” and also oversaw mechanical engineering. For his role, Wayne received a 10% stake of the company. But as business ensued, he started to become concerned about the company’s future. In the beginning, Steve Jobs was trying to kickstart the company and was taking huge risks. Wayne believed that if the company failed to recoup the money, Wayne, who had assets, would be held responsible to pay off the debts.

So, not wanting to bear financial responsibilities if things went South, Wayne had his name taken off of the contract and sold his shares back to his co-founders, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, for $800. Today, a 10% stake in Apple would be worth more than $95 billion

I’m Tired…

It’s hard being a writer. If you’re lucky enough to shit out something good, you’ll be praised. Everyone looks up to you, says they love your work, grab your attention just so that the masses can say we enjoyed it. It’s a thrilling moment for those who succeed, but after a while as they give what the people expect: something new for them to enjoy. And that thought just digs deep inside a writer’s mind. It’s a fear I hate. It’s like a mountain so treacherous to climb that if I ever get to the top, I don’t know if I’d please someone for doing so. We don’t know if we’ll get some sort of mild praise from six or eleven people or just an ocean of hate. It’s daunting, and that’s what bothers me, we are here to entertain and most of us who don’t do just that, we feel ourselves crumble. It’s like the next fix, man. We need to get that next person, to please to have someone to enjoy what we scratched on to the cloud, man.

Sometimes when we try to give you guys something quick, it feels like we’re stripped nude. Stripping every goddamn piece of ourselves just so we can give you a half-assed story and characters just for you to hate. Then when we try to take our time to create what you people love, you get impatient and angry at as we just want to please you with the best. We believed that you people deserve the best we have, but you force us to bring it out half-baked. But do we care? Not most, that constant loop of stress and doubt building up in your mind as you write. This doesn’t sound right. Why can’t I get that thought out? What am I doing wrong? Those questions looming over you as you write, doubting your skill and wordplay. You end up asking yourself what is wrong with you, a question you will never get the answer to. A happiness that soon climaxes horribly into an abyss of forgotten hope.

But those who don’t get the cursed satisfaction of gaining an audience have no chance to ever improve, having to keep at their work and wait until an audience stumbles upon them to be surprised at such talent. But what kind of luck would you have if there was no audience to criticize you? Those without a following get the worst treatment. Left in a purgatory of writing, never improving, jumping up and down with their writing, never reaching an all-time high or an all-time low. Only a constant straight line of work, nothing improved, so why should anyone care? They are left in a mist that would soon freeze in the air, never noticing the impending doom that they will face. Never aspiring to be something better, never even thinking of it.

I love writing, but I hate it because of how it never flows with me. It’s rare that such a great thing will come out of me. In order to ever force something good out of of me is some good planning and that’s the only thing about this process I love, that I get to flesh out something I don’t entirely know how to put to words. I know I’m harsh on myself, but this feeling is eating me. It hurts me whenever the thought of writing hits me. It’s worse than depression, it’s worse than anxiety, it’s almost like a PTSD, it grabs your stomach and squeezes just at the thought of your own work in the oven. People picture such things like a luxurious process that only the gifted can have, seeing them in cabins next to a fireplace, but it’s hell and the rewards are well earned. People hate bad stories, but I’m sad about it. Someone went through what I did and their reward was some sort of hate. Given vague criticisms and destructive reviews. Spending an hour writing even this hurt me a but. Hell, I’ve been writing this on my bed than my desk this time because of how exhausting it was. Writer’s Block’s a bitch.

The Quik-Pic Five-Spring

Ok children, this  is normally where Sunday Night R&B would be.  Brother Ray is going to put a closure on that with this:


That said let us move on the point of this short article and that is the Quik pic Five. i saw something close this on a Japanese site and thought it was a good idea.

You get 5 questions, all on one topic. Be specific without essays replies.  Tonight’s topic is


Let’s get this started! 

  1.  What is your Favorite thing about Spring? Why?
  2.  What is your least  favorite?
  3.  What song about (or book, with Spring being a featured theme) do you like the best?
  4.   What is your fondest memory of any Spring?
  5.   What is a plan you have for Spring and what is one you have you KNOW will not see completion?


…..I could die, I could die, I could die, because I live on a lonely avenue, lonely avenue.

Sekiro…I paid for it, but it is owning me!

So I just managed to scrape together my midterm paper and seeing how I am right in front of my computer I have a rare moment to actually type something I want to! It may be 1am and I may have work in a few hours, BUT I MUST TALK ABOUT SEKIRO.

First and foremost, Sekiro is a true to form From Software/Miyazaki creation. It prioritizes gameplay above all else and it is both punishing and rewarding. I cannot state how much I love the Dark Souls games. They are my absolute favorite, but I find myself running into the same problem with Sekiro as I did with Bloodborne. I am playing it like a Souls game and it is happy to keep constantly reminding me with death after death that a Souls game it is not.

I have probably put around 6 hours (complete guess) into the game thus far. I am not far…at all…because I am really not very good at it. I make baby steps each round I play, but thus far I have barely felt as though I have really grasped the combat style well enough to say “I GET IT!” It didn’t click with Bloodborne for me either until my second play through. I sincerely hope this game clicks long before that, but I fear I may be in for a long ride. I REFUSE TO QUIT THOUGH!

First of all, the combat is very fast paced and there are obvious cues during fights that should be helpful for a players success, but I have yet to grow accustomed to a big red Kanji flashing across my screen as a warning. When an enemy is preparing certain types of attacks this will happen and my gut response to it is to panic. The only time a Soulsborne game has put something in the middle of my screen is when I enter a new area, defeat a boss, or the classic “You Died.” When this Kanji pops up it is supposed to let me know I need to jump, dodge, or parry, but every time I see it I simply panic. This is muscle memory that I have to figure out how to change for Sekiro.

The story is a nice change of pace. No cryptic vendors, no crazy item descriptions, and no load screens with little tidbits about different items or spells. The only mystery at the beginning of the game is who am I? You play a downtrodden samurai who has lost his will to live until a woman drops a letter down to you at the bottom of a well/river. The only thing that seems to drive the main character is the on going message of people telling him he must protect his lord at all costs. It may not sound like much to go on, but there is already more going on than the beginning of any Souls game and there seems to be the promise of unlocking lost memories that will further develop the story in an interesting way.

I may not be great at it, and I may even be terribly frustrated by it, but Sekiro is shaping up to be the kind of game I have come to respect from From Software. They make me work for it, and by the end of it I appreciate it that much more. That being said, I plan to play something like the new Devil May Cry after I get through Sekiro so I can unload my frustrations in a classic button masher. It should prove to be incredibly cathartic 🙂

Saturday Night Oldies with Big Cid- Flower Children, Hippies, Peace Protesters and the Culture of a Rebellious Youth.

Bringing in a Change, Forcing the Old to think New

As one who has lived through the 1960’s I know exactly what Jerry Garcia and The Grateful Dead meant when they said ‘”What A Long, strange, trip it’s been.” It was.  And I feel sorry for any that never got to experience it. In the US we more of less had organized Anarchy; an oxymoron to be sure but yet the rebellious nature of the nation, namely the youth of it, forced changes that we have today that were very much needed and that would have long gone over looked by the statue quo of society. Challenging that status quo, the “man”, the”Establishment”, was part and parcel of the times.

It was a scary time to live. It was challenging and disturbing, and yet, we embraced that challenge head on,

The pot that was America was about to boil over (and did) and instead of the adults of  the nation coming to the rescue to it was the youth of the nation who finally found their voice and had enough and , if change was to come, (as it did) they would usher it in as their parents and grandparents were too complacent to rock the boat.

Many that I talk of were too young to vote- but old enough to did for their country. The flower child,  the hippies, the yippies and more  COULD affect culture through their music and that voice they found- was hard hitting and it shamed the nation. Thus forcing the nation to look at it ugly head and deal with it.

Consider how cutting this was in 1965!


Did you notice the song starts out rather even toned and as it goes it he gets angrier and angrier! Whether planned or not this is excellent. Such emotion.

Of course Dylan had a similar message a year earlier. Be thankful this was preserved.


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Google confusing Netflix with Gaming

One more thing NO DOWNLOADS …FALSE! in order to stream or load or VIEW any kind of data it has to be cached in aka downloaded to your cache first , because the GAME DATA IS ON THEIR HDD not YOURS. so yeah …nice try



As i said in the comment section this thing basically sends requests (aka the buttons you pressed to send commands ..attack, cancel, open, run etc )  to their servers (or that machine machine they built to run the games ) then they send back those frames in VIDEO FORMAT so no specs required at your end (just like watching videos YouTube) not real time graphics so you’re basically watching a video you’re controlling through their servers ..now  if you check the second video (one hour long ) it has and just like any other video many different resolutions (aka video quality) and here’s the size of each Res in that video:

  • 720 = 360 MB
  • 1080 = 620 MB
  • 1440 = 1.67 GB
  • 2160 = 5.1 GB

Those are the only options available for that video, so even though the service can run on any device you STILL NEED INTERNET  CONNECTION to stream it to your TV or device…imagine playing the 8K version of these games …even with the best download speed there gonna be lag and buffer (I’m sure you have at least  experienced one those buffers watching videos on YouTube right? )  and later with more and more players streaming at the same time it’s gonna lag/buffer even more like watching those LIVE conferences. there’s no LIVE Streaming without buffering


Last but not least, you wont have or own any game, no game library you just stream games (this even makes digital games feels less… evil? lol)